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Welcome to The Shrimp Outlet

Burnie Bernard Burnell, born 1899, started shrimping in 1941 out of Port Isabel, Texas. In 1953 his son, Charles Bradford Burnell, born 1934 in Port Isabel, ventured to continue in the shrimp company business that he learned from his father. To this day, Charles Burnell is running that business with the help of his daughter, Lela Marie Burnell, and sons, Charles R. Burnell and J. Keil Burnell. Using modern advances in engine and fishing gear and using chemical-free methods of preserving shrimp, the Burnell family brings the best of the Gulf to your table.

Shrimp Outlet offers EverFresh as an option for what is used to preserve Texas shrimp from getting melanosis-the name alone of the disease suggests something you want to avoid. More commonly called blackspot, melanosis is a naturally occurring process that leaves shrimp and other seafood shells darkly discolored and unappetizing. EverFresh stops blackspot before it begins. Since blackspot is initiated by an enzyme, polphenol oxidase or PPO, found under the shell, EverFresh has been developed to bind with PPO and deactivate it-forever. Once your seafood product has been dipped in EverFresh, blackspot can never occur, even after rinsing, refrigerating, freezing, or thawing.

Shrimp Outlet is owned and operated by the Burnell family and catches shrimp at sea by boats owned by the Burnell family. Shrimp Outlet is a family of shrimpers that sells shrimp because we love shrimp and think you do too.

Our storefront is located at 2230 Fisherman Place Road in Brownsville, TX. Our hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Before you come in, feel free to call us at 956-831-8114 or email us at We are shrimp suppliers that ship to anywhere in the United States using FedEx. Please email us or call us with your order.